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Eyelash Manufacturer 84 (abbreviated as EM84) is a company based in Vietnam that has been recognized in the field of manufacturing and supplying eyelash extensions on the global market.
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Unveiling the Manufacturing Process at Eyelash

From the initial procurement of materials to the final stage of packaging, every phase in our production process is a testament to Eyelash Manufacturer 84’s commitment to crafting superior lashes that adhere to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.
Check the quality of raw materials

1. Material Selection

We opt for Korea PBT fibers for our lashes, ensuring unparalleled quality. These fibers are soft, flexible, and comfortable for wearers.

secure the PBT fiber

2. PBT Molding

Our skilled artisans use tape to secure the PBT fiber, crafting lash extensions of various lengths and thicknesses.

Trim eyelash fibers to the desired size

3. Trimming

The lashes are then trimmed to the desired size.

Curl eyelash extensions

4. Curling

Our expert artisans use rods of different diameters to curl the lash extensions, achieving the perfect curls.

Create acurl in the eyelash fibers using heat

5. Heat Setting

The curled lash rods are baked at high temperatures to set the curl.

Attach the curled eyelash strands onto the card strip

6. Assembly

Our artisans carefully apply the curled lashes to a background card before placing it in the tray.

Check the eyelash trays and package

7. Quality Inspection

Each lash tray undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure hygiene, precision, and consistency of curls, thicknesses, and lengths.

8. Packaging

After inspecting the lash trays, we meticulously package and ship our high-quality finished products.

The products most ordered by brands and eyelash extension professionals!

Below are the most ordered and popular products among our partners. We hope you won’t have to spend too much time choosing the right product that meets the preferences of the majority of users.

Note: The price listed below each product is the retail price for one unit of product. We provide transparent pricing to help you easily estimate your costs and profits. Additionally, we offer special deals for large orders. Please contact us right away!

Factory-direct price​

Our eyelash products are high-quality and competitively priced, straight from the eyelash manufacturer and free from markups.

100% quality assurance

Eyelash manufacturer 84 guarantees that all products comply with quality standards, instilling in you unwavering trust in your decision.

24/7 customer assistance

Your inquiries, orders, or concerns are handled 24/7 by our customer support team, ensuring a seamless journey.

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+500 items available

With a broad spectrum of items from our eyelash manufacturer, you'll discover an array catering to your specific eyelash requisites.

Fast samples within 7 days

We ensure swift delivery of samples within 7 days, giving you the chance to experience our exceptional range firsthand.

Exclusive private label solution

Our private label services come with personalized support, making it easy and efficient to establish your unique brand.

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You can customize your lash products according to your brand's specifications, from choosing lash styles, lengths, and materials to formulation selection.


Our experienced design team, specializing in eyelash manufacturer branding, collaborates closely with you to create custom artwork, logos, and graphics that reflect your brand identity.


We offer different formats, sizes, and materials to ensure that your lash products are presented professionally and eye-catching.


At Eyelash Manufacturer 84, we’re dedicated to transforming your business and ensuring your success.
Products with diverse designs

High-Quality Products

We offer a diverse range of top-quality eyelash extensions meticulously designed for durability, comfort, and a natural appearance. These extensions are perfect for lash technicians, spas, and lash brands seeking superior lash.

excellent product quality

Stringent Quality Control Procedure

We, as an eyelash manufacturer, ensure 100% quality control at every production stage. This involves sourcing premium materials and conducting thorough inspections to guarantee exceptional quality in every lash product.

Elaborate and meticulous on each product

Private-Label Solutions

We specialize in private-label manufacturing, offering custom packaging and branding options. Our experts are here to help you create captivating packaging that reflects your brand identity and captures attention in the market.

High concentration in each stage of production

Best Warranty Policy

To remove any doubts, we provide free samples along with cost-effective shipping. Our warranty policy ensures your satisfaction and peace of mind, allowing you to try our products before making a commitment.

Highly skilled professional manufacturing experts

Factory-Direct Pricing

We eliminate unnecessary middlemen, providing you with factory-direct pricing. This approach allows you to offer premium lash solutions to your clients without compromising on quality while maximizing your profitability.

Meticulous and thorough in each product

Reliable Partnership

Building long-lasting and reliable partnerships is our priority. Leveraging our manufacturing expertise, research, and development capabilities, we deliver consistent quality and innovative offerings to supporting your success.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about this service? We are here to help.

1. Call or message via WhatsApp at this phone number: +84 359 561 069

2. Send your inquiries directly through the form on the right side.

3. Email our sales team at the following email address: contact@eyelashmanufacturer84.com

Yes, there are free eyelash samples available.

Yes, we provide private label packaging boxes. You can choose from our premade boxes or send us your designs and we will produce accordingly. We can also assist in the design of the logo and eyelash box.

Yes, we can customize the designs and specifications based on your requirements. You can also send us your designs and we will turn them into reality with concise details.

Our MOQ for OEM and private label is 50 items. You can send us the logo and the details of your requirements so that we can confirm the exact lead time.

We accept Western Union/Remitly/Ria Transfer, Money Gram, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Wordremit, Transferwise, Remitly.

Please let us know if there are any payment methods available in your country that we should consider.

Production will begin immediately after your order has been verified and your payment has been approved. Custom-made productions usually take a few days and we will confirm the exact lead time upon receipt of your order details. After the production finished, the delivery only takes 3-7 working days.

You can contact us via email: Email: contact@eyelashmanufacturer84.com or call us directly via phone number (Whatsapp): +84 359 561 069

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