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Top 10 best eyelash manufacturers UK in 2023

Looking for the premier eyelash manufacturer UK has to offer in 2023? Your search ends here! We’ve meticulously scoured the industry to compile an exclusive list featuring the top eyelash manufacturers in the United Kingdom, ensuring you have access to the highest quality and most sought-after lashes available today.
This comprehensive guide delves into each UK eyelash manufacturer’s unparalleled craftsmanship and innovation. It presents a curated selection that caters to diverse preferences and needs and elevates your lash game with its exceptional products and commitment to excellence.

Top 10 best eyelash manufacturer UK

Unlocking the key to success in the eyelash industry starts here! Our meticulously curated list of the best eyelash manufacturer UK is your shortcut to finding the perfect partner for your business.
Save your time and optimize your financial flow as we guide you through the premier suppliers, ensuring you make a choice that moves your business to new peaks.

Eyelash Manufacturer 84

As an esteemed international eyelash manufacturer, Eyelash Manufacturer 84 boasts a sterling reputation, exporting premium-quality products to the discerning eyelash market in the UK. Despite its global presence, this brand sets itself apart by offering sizable quantities of top-tier eyelash products directly from the manufacturer, ensuring competitive prices that surpass traditional wholesalers.
  • Eyelash Manufacturer 84 merges global expertise with local UK accessibility, providing unparalleled access to premium-quality eyelash products.
  • Direct exportation means unbeatable pricing, granting UK businesses access to bulk quantities of superior eyelash extensions at manufacturer rates.
  • With a focus on consistency and excellence, Eyelash Manufacturer 84 delivers top-grade products consistently, meeting and exceeding industry standards.
  • Despite its international stature, the brand prioritizes the eyelash manufacturer UK market, offering tailored solutions and substantial quantities of premium eyelash products.
Contact Info:
  • Add: Hongkong Tower F6, La Thanh 243A, Dong Da, HN
  • Tel/Whatsapp: (84) 3595 61069
  • Site: eyelashmanufacturer84.com
Eyelash Manufacturer 84 boasts a sterling reputation
Eyelash Manufacturer 84 boasts a sterling reputation
In the competitive landscape of eyelash manufacturer UK market, Eyelash Manufacturer 84 emerges as a global powerhouse dedicated to delivering premium-quality eyelash extensions directly to the UK market, fostering success and growth for local businesses seeking exceptional products at unbeatable rates.

Dream Ballet Factory

Dream Ballet Factory stands as a prominent international eyelash manufacturer, extending its expertise to cater to the discerning needs of the eyelash manufacturer UK market. Renowned for its commitment to excellence in research, development, and production, this brand specializes in crafting premium-quality lash extensions with a dedicated focus on superior materials and manufacturing processes.
  • With a core focus on research, development, and production, Dream Ballet Factory delivers top-tier eyelash extensions to the UK market.
  • They offer a diverse exhibition of high-quality lash extensions, including volume lash extensions, pre-made lash fans, and classic and flat lash extensions, among others, catering to various preferences and needs.
  • Dream Ballet Factory’s products are exported worldwide, including the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia, serving a broad spectrum of clients, from lash extension vendors to beauty and training studios.
  • Committed to unparalleled quality, the brand has established a robust quality assurance system encompassing rigorous processes and final inspections, ensuring every product maintains exceptional standards.
Contact Info:
  • Add: Digital City Tian An, Cheng Yang, Qing Dao, Shan Dong
  • Tel: 008615908989591
  • Site: dreamballetfactory.com
Dream Ballet Factory stands as a prominent international eyelash manufacture
Dream Ballet Factory stands as a prominent international eyelash manufacture
Dream Ballet Factory emerges as a beacon in international eyelash manufacturing, dedicated to delivering premium-quality lash extensions to the discerning eyelash manufacturer UK market. By focusing on innovation, quality, and a global clientele, this brand remains a trusted partner for businesses seeking excellence in eyelash products, making the path to successful partnerships easier and more reliable.


Gmeyelash is a leading eyelash manufacturer recognized for its unwavering commitment to crafting a diverse range of high-quality false lashes since its inception in 2012. Positioned as a China-based manufacturer, Gmeyelash has emerged as a distinguished supplier, specializing in a vast array of false lash types and accessories catering to the discerning needs of the eyelash manufacturer UK market.
  • With over 2000 variations, including 5D Mink Lashes, 3D Silk Lashes, Synthetic Lashes, Magnetic Lashes, and more, Gmeyelash offers a comprehensive range catering to diverse preferences.
  • Boasting a factory equipped with 120 employees, state-of-the-art machinery, and an impressive output of 280,000 pairs of lashes per month, the brand ensures consistency and volume in production.
  • Gmeyelash prioritizes quality control at every production stage, leveraging 1000 stylist lashes, biodegradable trays, and stringent quality checks to ensure superior lash products.
  • With extensive experience in Private Label/OEM services, the brand offers tailored solutions in lash, logo, and package design, cementing its position as a trusted partner for bespoke branding needs.
Contact Info:
  • Add: Bei Jing Road, No. 63, Qing Dao, China
  • Tel: (86) 18661669223
  • Site: gmeyelash.com
Gmeyelash is a leading eyelash manufacturer in UK
Gmeyelash is a leading eyelash manufacturer in UK
Gmeyelash epitomizes excellence as an eyelash manufacturer UK, providing a vast spectrum of high-quality false lashes and accessories to the UK market. Through a fusion of innovation, manufacturing prowess, and dedication to client satisfaction, Gmeyelash continues to be a premier partner for businesses seeking superior lash products and personalized branding solutions.

World Beauty Eyelashes

Worldbeauty® Qingdao LashBeauty Cosmetic Co., Ltd. has been a pioneering manufacturer specializing in 3D mink lashes, 3D silk lashes, and eyelash extensions since 2007. Famous for its pledge to deliver high-quality eyelash products, this brand harnesses professional techniques and meticulous craftsmanship to cater to the discerning needs of the eyelash manufacturer UK market.
  • With a legacy spanning since 2007, Worldbeauty is a stalwart in the industry, focusing on providing top-tier 3D mink lashes, 3D silk lashes, and eyelash extensions, showcasing professional expertise and meticulous craft.
  • Backed by a cooperative factory boasting over 200 workers, stringent quality control measures ensure that every product meets the highest standards, aligning with customer requirements and industry expectations.
  • Worldbeauty simplifies trade by offering flexible deposit terms and various payment methods, enabling ease and convenience for orders, whether for samples or bulk quantities, through options like PayPal, Western Union, or wire transfer.
  • With ISO9001 & SA8000 certifications, the cooperative factory underscores its commitment to excellence, boasting over ten years of production experience, high monthly production volumes, and multiple factory audits, ensuring credibility and quality.
  • Embracing innovation, the brand’s creative team stays abreast of market trends, translating designs into natural products, catering to evolving preferences, and offering a broad spectrum of eyelash styles.
  • Worldbeauty prioritizes using high-quality raw materials, sourcing PBT Synthetic, Human Hair, and other animal hair products, ensuring comfort, longevity, cruelty-free attributes, and adherence to WHO certification standards.
Contact Info:
  • Add: A Block, 40F RM4001, Hua Run Plaza, 6th Shan Dong, Shin An, Qing Dao
  • Whatsapp: (86) 177 5324 1819
  • Site: worldbeautyeyelashes.com
Worldbeauty is a stalwart in the industry
Worldbeauty is a stalwart in the industry
Worldbeauty, a seasoned player in the eyelash manufacturing industry, epitomizes dedication to quality, innovation, and ethical sourcing of raw materials. With a legacy of expertise, devotion to superiority, and a focus on satisfying customer needs, this brand remains a reliable choice for businesses seeking fine eyelash products in the dynamic eyelash manufacturer UK market.

Ellipsis Brands

Ellipsis Brands Limited, established in 2013, is a notable manufacturer of beauty products in the beauty industry. While not too focused on eyelash manufacturing, Ellipsis Brands boasts an extensive international presence and a diverse portfolio, enough to be considered an emerging eyelash manufacturer UK.
  • With over 8,000 stores across 30+ international markets, Ellipsis Brands has a proven track record of successfully entering and thriving in diverse market landscapes.
  • Embracing sustainability, the company employs vertical integration strategies, incorporating ‘first-to-market’ active ingredients and patented sustainable technologies, aiming for a responsible approach in its beauty innovation factory.
  • Ellipsis Brands actively pursues eco-friendly initiatives, powering facilities with bio-fuel and solar energy, compacting waste materials, and using recyclable packaging materials, showcasing a dedication to reducing environmental impact.
  • The company invites potential partnerships for brand activations, offering collaboration and brand creation opportunities in the ever-evolving beauty market.
Contact Info:
  • Add: U8 Eleven Mile, Norfolk, Wymondham, UK
  • Tel: 01603 813 026
  • Site: ellipsisbrands.com
Ellipsis Brands Limited, established in 2013, is a notable manufacturer of beauty products in the beauty industry
Ellipsis Brands Limited, established in 2013, is a notable manufacturer of beauty products in the beauty industry
Ellipsis Brands represents a dynamic force in the beauty industry. With a diversified portfolio, a commitment to sustainability, and a demonstrated expertise in brand creation and market penetration, the company stands as a potential partner for collaborative ventures within the expansive eyelash manufacturer UK market.

ADS Laboratories

ADS Laboratories, established in 2008, offers extensive formulation, testing, and compliance services across cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and household industries, serving as a key eyelash manufacturer UK in development.
  • Known for expertise in formulation, compliance, and safety assessments, ADS Laboratories caters to multiple industries, ensuring thorough product development.
  • They provide comprehensive services from concept to manufacturing, ensuring products meet industry standards.
  • They maintain an acute understanding of global regulations, offering detailed advice for compliance.
  • ADS Laboratories collaborates closely with clients to bridge knowledge gaps and enhance production.
  • Equipped with an accredited UK laboratory, they conduct various tests to ensure product safety and quality.
Contact Info:
  • Add: Yalberton Tor Industrial Estate, Unit 18, Alders Way, UK
  • Tel: 01803 226 825
  • Site: adslaboratories.com
ADS Laboratories caters to multiple industries, ensuring thorough product development
ADS Laboratories caters to multiple industries, ensuring thorough product development
ADS Laboratories, an essential service provider in the beauty and healthcare industries, offers comprehensive support across various sectors. It is a valuable partner for companies seeking development and compliance solutions in the eyelash manufacturer UK market.

BrandedLashProducts UK

BrandedLashProducts UK provides an enticing opportunity to establish your lash brand, catering to retail and business needs within the eyelash manufacturer UK industry.
  • Based in the UK, offering personalized and locally-based services to facilitate customized brand creation.
  • Eyelash extension adhesives are crafted in an ISO-approved factory in the UK, ensuring quality and compliance.
  • They have over a decade of experience supplying high-quality products in the eyelash industry across the UK, Europe, and globally.
  • Their products conform to stringent UK and EU chemical and cosmetic regulations, emphasizing safety and adherence to standards.
  • Their expertise lies in white-label products with comprehensive safety data sheet provisions for customized items.
  • They allow low-quantity print runs, significant discounts for larger orders, and varied bottle types, sizes, and colors available.
  • They assign dedicated account managers for personalized and comprehensive service.
Contact Info:
  • Email: info@brandedlashproducts.co.uk
  • Tel: 01322292442
  • Site: brandedlashproducts.co.uk
BrandedLashProducts UK provides an enticing opportunity to establish your lash brand
BrandedLashProducts UK provides an enticing opportunity to establish your lash brand
BrandedLashProducts UK, with its robust experience, compliance adherence, and customizable options, stands as a leading partner for those seeking to enter or enhance their presence in the eyelash manufacturer UK market.

Ultimate Eyelash Supplies

Ultimate Eyelash Supplies, established in 2011, has been a key player in providing top-notch semi-permanent eyelashes, application products, and accessories to a global clientele.
  • Since 2011, they have offered a range of semi-permanent eyelash and application products worldwide.
  • They ensure high-quality products and exceptional customer value, supported by stellar customer service.
  • They cater to various needs, from training new professionals to serving existing industry experts seeking cost-effective options.
  • Quick and responsive customer support is available via website contact forms or email, promising a 24-hour response time.
Contact Info:
  • Add: 30th Main Rd, Bilton, Hull, UK
  • Tel: 075 1177 2411
  • Site: www.ultimateeyelashsupplies.co.uk
Ultimate Eyelash Supplies, established in 2011, has been a key player in providing top-notch semi-permanent eyelashes,
Ultimate Eyelash Supplies, established in 2011, has been a key player in providing top-notch semi-permanent eyelashes,
Ultimate Eyelash Supplies is a reliable eyelash manufacturer UK, emphasizing quality, affordability, and support for professionals and enthusiasts in the eyelash industry, positioning itself as a go-to destination for premium eyelash supplies in the UK and beyond.

KISS Europe

KISS Europe is a premier entity in eyelash manufacturing, renowned as the world’s leading supplier of professional-grade nail products, extending its expertise to revolutionize eyelash beauty solutions.
  • It is widely recognized and distributed across 90+ countries, including prominent retailers such as Boots UK, Sephora France, AS Watson Hong Kong, and London Drugs in Canada.
  • Beyond nails, KISS has diversified its portfolio to encompass eyelash and brow kits, leveraging innovation rooted in vast salon experience.
  • Continual innovation drives their success, which is evident in groundbreaking offerings like the Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes and GLUEliner, reshaping the false eyelash landscape.
  • They emphasize products designed for DIY beauty enhancement, facilitating salon-quality results within the comfort of one’s home.
Contact Info:
  • Email: info@kisseurope.uk
  • Site: www.kisseurope.uk
KISS Europe is a premier entity in eyelash manufacturing
KISS Europe is a premier entity in eyelash manufacturing
KISS Europe’s legacy of pioneering professional-grade beauty products has transcended nails to establish prominence in the eyelash manufacturer UK industry, offering innovative solutions and empowering individuals worldwide to achieve professional beauty results at home conveniently.

Emeda Eyelash

Emeda Eyelash is a prominent eyelash manufacturer UK, recognized as a leading supplier of high-quality mink eyelashes, extensions, and 3D lashes globally, originating from China and thriving since 2002.
  • Emeda Eyelash excels in offering a diverse array of mink eyelashes, catering to various styles and trends, and ensuring eyelash brands and distributors access top-tier quality products.
  • With a focus on OEM/ODM services, Emeda’s design team offers personalized label and packaging solutions, leveraging their professionalism and knack for capturing fashion trends.
  • Renowned as a lash vendors supplying the USA, UK, and worldwide, Emeda Eyelash maintains a vast inventory of mink lashes, staying ahead with the latest styles and eyelash innovations.
  • They are famous for utilizing authentic mink hair, sourced explicitly from natural shedding, ensuring their mink eyelash offerings’ authenticity, color, and quality.
Contact Info:
  • Add: R706 A Bld, Su Ning Square, 28th Jing Kou Rd, Qing Dao
  • Tel: (86) 1357 3804 926
  • Site: www.vendorseyelash.com
Emeda Eyelash is a prominent eyelash manufacturer UK
Emeda Eyelash is a prominent eyelash manufacturer UK
As an esteemed eyelash manufacturer UK, Emeda Eyelash, with its wealth of experience, commitment to quality, and emphasis on innovation, remains a go-to destination for eyelash brands and distributors seeking superior mink eyelashes and extensions, alongside tailored, leading-edge solutions to dominate the market.

How to qualify and choose the right eyelash manufacturer UK

Selecting the right eyelash manufacturer UK is pivotal to ensure the quality, authenticity, and reliability of your lash products. Here’s how to discern the best from the rest:
  • Look for UK manufacturers with certifications like ISO 22716 for cosmetics GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Compliance with UK regulations like the Cosmetic Products Enforcement Regulations 2013 ensures quality control and adherence to industry standards.
  • Explore trade shows like the Olympia Beauty Show, Professional Beauty London, or Beauty UK Birmingham. Exhibits and events like The Eyelash Emporium or Lash Festival often feature renowned UK-based eyelash manufacturers.
  • Ensure manufacturers follow UK regulations such as the British Standards Institution (BSI) guidelines for cosmetic manufacturing. This includes compliance with EU Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 for product safety and labeling.
  • Engage with eyelash manufacturer UK on UK-specific communication platforms like industry forums like the UK Beauty Forum or professional networks like the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC).
How to qualify and choose the right eyelash manufacturer UK
How to qualify and choose the right eyelash manufacturer UK
By focusing on certifications, attending UK-based trade shows and events, understanding local regulations, and utilizing region-specific communication channels, you can effectively navigate the landscape of eyelash manufacturing in the UK. These measures are crucial in removing low-quality options and ensuring your brand’s success in the UK market.
In spotlighting the top 10 eyelash manufacturers in the UK for 2023, this compilation aims to guide businesses toward excellence in lash production. These eyelash manufacturer UK’s commitment to ethical practices and customer-centric approaches solidifies their positions as premier choices for those seeking reputable, top-tier lashes.
With these top 10 choices, businesses can confidently navigate the UK’s eyelash manufacturing landscape, setting the stage for successful ventures in the world of lashes.


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