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Top 57 best eyelash manufacturers from 11 countries in 2024

When it comes to eyelash care and storage, having a high-quality and stylish eyelash case is essential. The suitable case protects your precious lashes from damage and adds a touch of elegance to your beauty routine. This blog post will present the top 10 best eyelash case manufacturers in 2024, ensuring you have the finest options to store and safely transport your eyelashes.

Features of eyelash case manufacturer

When considering the features of an eyelash case vendor, there are several aspects to consider. Considering these features, you can evaluate different companies and make an informed decision when selecting the one that best meets your needs and preferences. Here are some key features to consider when evaluating companies:

Manufacturing process of eyelash case manufacturer

The manufacturing process of eyelash cases can vary depending on the specific manufacturer and their production methods. However, here is a general outline of the typical manufacturing process involved in producing eyelash cases:
  • Design and Prototyping: The process starts with designing the eyelash case. Eyelash case manufacturers create sketches or digital renderings, considering factors such as size, shape, functionality, and aesthetics. Once the design is finalized, a prototype is created to test and refine the design before mass production.
  • Material Selection: The choice of materials is an essential step in the manufacturing process. Manufacturers select materials that meet their desired specifications, such as durability, quality, and aesthetic appeal. Common materials used for eyelash cases include plastics, metals, fabrics (such as velvet or satin), and eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Assembly: The various components of the eyelash case are assembled. This may include attaching hinges, clasps, mirrors, or other functional elements. Adhesives, screws, or other fastening methods are used to join the components securely. The assembly process requires precision and attention to detail to ensure the final product is sturdy and functional.
  • Surface Finishing: After assembly, the eyelash cases undergo surface finishing to enhance their appearance and durability. This may involve polishing or sanding the surfaces to achieve a smooth finish. Additionally, various decorative elements such as patterns, textures, or coatings may be applied to add aesthetic appeal.
  • Packaging: After passing quality control, the eyelash cases are distributed. Packaging may include placing each case in boxes or pouches to protect them during transportation and storage. Labels, branding materials, and user instructions are also included in the packaging.
Welcome to an in-depth exploration of the fascinating and ever-evolving world of eyelash manufacturing. Join me on my journey to demystify the world of eyelash manufacturers and gain insights that can enhance your expertise or guide your business efforts. Whether you’re looking for market leaders, the best materials, or tips for launching your eyelash brand, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive into this captivating field together.

I. Do I need to buy eyelash extensions from the eyelash manufacturer?

When considering whether to purchase eyelash extensions from an eyelash manufacturer, it is essential that you consider the benefits:
  • Quality Assurance and Cost Savings: Eyelash manufacturers prioritize product quality, which meets industry standards and minimizes the chances of defects. This maintains your brand’s reputation and results in cost savings. Fewer defects mean less product wastage and reduced overall costs.
  • Diverse Range of Options: Manufacturers typically offer diverse eyelash styles and materials. This variety lets you cater to diverse customer preferences, allowing them to find the perfect lashes. Some manufacturers even provide customization options, allowing you to create unique lash styles that align with your brand.
  • Consistent Supply and Shipping Efficiency: Manufacturers ensure a steady supply of eyelash extensions, which prevents shortages and minimizes inventory-related costs. Moreover, when you purchase directly from a manufacturer, you can take advantage of economies of scale when it comes to shipping. Bulk shipments of eyelash extensions can be more cost-effective per unit than smaller, individual orders, leading to further cost savings.
  • Relationship Building for Cost Efficiency: Establishing a direct relationship with an eyelash manufacturer can lead to cost efficiencies in terms of product pricing. Manufacturers often offer bulk discounts to their loyal clients, and you can negotiate pricing and terms, potentially reducing your overall product costs.
eyelash manufacturer 84 cost In summary, partnering with an eyelash manufacturer not only ensures quality and consistency but also offers a wide array of eyelash options. This collaboration can potentially lead to cost savings and long-term partnerships with favorable pricing and terms. Now, let’s delve into the next question of how many eyelash manufacturers are there worldwide.

II. How many eyelash manufacturers are there worldwide

Accurately determining the precise number of eyelash manufacturers worldwide is a complex task. This information is highly dynamic due to new businesses entering the market and others exiting. Nevertheless, the eyelash manufacturing industry is robust and consists of numerous manufacturers across the globe. In my research, I’ve identified around 134 countries with eyelash manufacturers. Among these, eleven countries particularly excel and are recognized as major players in the industry:

Top 5 best Eyelash Extension Manufacturers & Factory in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the emerging eyelash manufacturers in Asia-Pacific, with a growing number of factories and suppliers that offer high-quality and affordable eyelash products. Some of the notable eyelash manufacturers in Vietnam are:
  1. Eyelash Manufacturer 84
  2. Vinlash
  3. CharmLash
  4. V-Lash Factory
  5. Kwin Lashes Factory
eyelash manufacturer 84 in vietnam

Top 4 best wholesale lash vendors in USA

United States is one of the world’s largest consumers and importers of false eyelashes, with a high demand for beauty products and services. The United States has several domestic eyelash manufacturers that produce and distribute false eyelash products nationwide. Some of the leading lash vendors in the United States are:
  1. Ardell
  2. Kiss Lash Couture
  3. Salon Perfectly Glamorous
  4. Kiss Blooming Lash

Top 6 best eyelash extension suppliers in the UK

UK is one of the leading countries in Europe for eyelashes, with a high demand for natural, dramatic, and glamorous lashes. Some of the eyelash suppliers in the UK are:
  1. Lash Art UK Ltd.
  2. Eyelash Emporium Ltd.
  3. Lash Base Ltd.
  4. House of Lash UK Ltd.
  5. BrandedLashProducts UK Ltd.
  6. London Lash UK Ltd.

Top 5 best eyelash extension wholesalers in Canada

Canada has a growing eyelash market, with many local and international brands and suppliers. Some of the eyelash manufacturers in Canada are:
  1. Lashforever Canada
  2. LLBA Professional
  3. Lash Art Canada Inc.
  4. Bella Lash Canada Inc.
  5. Eylure Canada Inc.

Top 5 best eyelash extension manufacturers in South Korea

South Korea is another major eyelash manufacturer in Asia-Pacific, with a strong reputation for producing high-quality and innovative eyelash products. South Korea is known for its focus on human hair eyelashes and mink eyelashes, which provide a natural-looking and luxurious effect for the eyes. Some of the prominent eyelash manufacturers in South Korea are:
  1. Dream Flower Lashes
  2. QC Lashes
  3. IMI Lashes
  4. Barmeier False Eyelash
  5. ESSI Beauty Products
eyelash manufacturer 84 in korea

Top 5 best eyelash extension suppliers in Japan

Japan is also a leading country in the eyelash industry, with many popular brands and products. Some of the eyelash manufacturers in Japan are
  3. Koji
  4. Eyemee Japan
  5. Japan Brush

Top 3 best eyelashes manufacturers & suppliers in India

India is also a major supplier of eyelashes, especially human hair lashes and synthetic lashes. Some of the eyelash manufacturers in India are:
  1. Vanya International
  2. Changmi Beauty
  3. BrandedLashProducts

Top 6 best eyelash manufacturer in Russia

Russia is also a big eyelash market, especially for lash extensions and lash lift products. Some of the eyelash manufacturers in Russia are:
  1. Russian Queen Lashes International lash academy and lash extension supplies
  2. SensiLashes Russia Ltd.
  3. Hollyren Cosmetics Russia Ltd.
  4. Magic Star Beauty Russia Ltd.
  5. Crownking Beauty Russia Ltd.
  6. Heart Girl Eyelash Factory Russia Ltd.

Top 5 best eyelash extension manufacturers in China

China is the leading eyelash manufacturer in the world, with a large and well-established industry that produces a wide range of false eyelash products. China has several industrial clusters that specialize in eyelash production, such as Qingdao City in Shandong Province, Xuchang City in Henan Province, Jixi City in Liaoning Province, and cities in Guangdong Province. Some of the top eyelash manufacturers in China are
  1. MACY CO., LTD
  2. Pinkiss Korea
  3. Starseed
  4. Eyelure Vegas Nay
  5. Qingdao Shiny Lash Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
eyelash manufacturer 84 in china

Top 4 best eyelash extension suppliers & factory In France

France: France is one of the most influential countries in the beauty industry, with many famous brands and products. Some of the eyelash manufacturers in France are:
  1. CilsFrance Eyelash Extensions, Lash Perm Supplies & Brow Lamination
  2. Dior Eyelashes France
  3. Chanel Eyelashes France
  4. Yves Saint Laurent Eyelashes France

Top 4 best eyelash extension suppliers in Germany

Germany is also a prominent country in the beauty industry, with many innovative and high-quality products. Some of the eyelash manufacturers in Germany are:
  1. HÜR Beauty Eyelash Extensions Munich
  2. MoxieLash Lash Extensions Munich
  3. Revolver Eyes Lash Extensions
  4. Cilola Lashes Germany lg
In conclusion, the eyelash manufacturing industry is a dynamic and thriving sector, with numerous players worldwide. Certain countries stand out for their significant contributions to the global market. Now, let’s delve into the next section to learn how to choose the best eyelash manufacturer for your business.

III. Best eyelash manufacturer for your business

Choosing the best eyelash manufacturer for your business is crucial for success. Here’s a list of criteria to help you make an informed decision. You can use this as a reference or create a table to compare different manufacturers:
Criteria Explanation
Product Quality Product quality is paramount. High-quality eyelash extensions satisfy customers and reflect positively on your brand. Ensure the manufacturer’s products are consistent, durable, and made from safe materials. Ask for samples or check if they have a track record of quality.
Variety of Styles The range of eyelash styles an eyelash manufacturer offers is crucial. A diverse selection allows you to cater to different customer preferences. Look for a manufacturer that provides a wide variety of styles, from natural to dramatic, to meet the demands of your target market.
Customization Options Customization can set your brand apart. Check if the eyelash manufacturer offers options to create unique lash styles specific to your brand. This is especially important if you want to offer exclusive eyelash products that stand out in the market.
Pricing Pricing is a significant factor in your business’s profitability. Compare the manufacturer’s pricing with other options. Ensure it’s competitive in the market while maintaining the desired quality standards.
Minimum Order Quantity Minimum order requirements can impact your inventory management. Ensure the manufacturer’s minimum order quantity aligns with your business needs. It’s essential to avoid overstocking or understocking situations.
Lead Time Fast turnaround is critical in the beauty industry. Inquire about the manufacturer’s production and delivery times. A manufacturer with quick lead times can help you meet customer demand, particularly during busy periods.
Based on the criteria mentioned above, the more comprehensive a supplier is in these aspects, the better it is for your business. This approach not only saves you time and effort but also proves cost-effective in the long run. However, if you’re prioritizing certain factors, quality and affordability should be at the forefront of your considerations. wholesale eyelash extensions

IV. Top eyelash manufacturers and how to choose the right one

Here is a comparison table of the best eyelash manufacturers worldwide:
Criteria Eyelash Manufacturer 84 MACY CO., LTD Dream Flower Lashes Ardell
Product Quality High-quality Korean PBT Fiber, cruelty-free, quality control High-quality synthetic fiber, silk or mink, ISO 9001, CE Mark and cGMp certified High-quality Korean PBT Fiber, cruelty-free, quality control High-quality synthetic fiber, cruelty-free, Invisiband® technology
Variety of Styles Classic lashes, volume lashes, flat lashes, camellia lashes, colored lashes, glitter lashe Strip lashes, individual lashes, cluster lashes, flare lashes, bottom lashes, magnetic lashes Volume lashes, easy-fanning lashes, classic lashes, flat lashes, premade fans, bottom lashes, colored lashes Strip lashes, individual lashes, cluster lashes, mink lashes, silk lashes, magnetic lashes
Customization Options Private label service, ODM/ODM service OEM/ODM service, private label service Private label service None
Pricing Factory price, competitive and negotiable Factory price, competitive and negotiable Factory price, competitive and negotiable Affordable price
Minimum Order Quantity 100 trays per style for eyelash extensions; 500 pieces per style for packaging 1000 pairs per style for strip lashes; 500 trays per style for individual lashes; 1000 pieces per style for packaging 100 trays per style for eyelash extensions; 500 pieces per style for packaging No minimum order quantity required
Lead Time 7-10 days for eyelash extensions; 15-20 days for packaging 7-10 days for eyelash extensions; 15-20 days for packaging 7-10 days for eyelash extensions; 15-20 days for packaging 3-5 days for standard shipping within the USA and Canada
Based on the general criteria, the best eyelash supplier for you may depend on your specific needs and preferences. However, here are some suggestions that you can consider:
  • If you are looking for a high-quality and cruelty-free eyelash supplier that offers a variety of styles and customization options, you may want to choose Eyelash Manufacturer 84 or Dream Flower Lashes. They both use high-quality Korean PBT Fiber for their eyelash extensions and offer private label and ODM/ODM services. They also have a wide range of products, competitive and negotiable factory prices, and reasonable minimum order quantities and lead times.
  • If you are looking for a leading and well-established eyelash supplier that produces a wide range of false eyelash products, you may want to choose MACY CO., LTD. They are the largest eyelash manufacturer in the world and have several industrial clusters in China. They offer various styles and materials, OEM/ODM service, private label service, worldwide shipping, and sample support. They are ISO 9001, CE Mark, and cGMp certified and have competitive and negotiable factory prices and reasonable minimum order quantities and lead times.
  • If you are looking for an affordable and convenient eyelash supplier that does not require a minimum order quantity or a long lead time, you may want to choose Ardell. They are among the largest consumers and importers of false eyelashes in the United States and have several domestic eyelash manufacturers. They offer various styles and designs of false eyelashes. They also offer online shopping, retail stores, wholesale distribution, standard shipping within the USA and Canada, and no minimum order quantity required. They use high-quality synthetic fiber and Invisiband® technology for their false eyelashes.
Where to buy wholesale eyelash extensions These are some of the suggestions that I can give you based on the general criteria. However, you may have other factors that you want to consider when choosing an eyelash manufacturer. Therefore, I recommend you do your own research and compare the options available before making a final decision. Now, let’s move on to the next section, where we’ll delve into the practical aspects of sourcing eyelash extensions to empower your decision-making process further.

V. Where and How to buy wholesale eyelash extensions from an eyelash manufacturer

In this section, we’ll explore the essential details on where and how to purchase wholesale eyelash extensions directly from eyelash manufacturers. We’ll guide you through the process of sourcing top-notch products that will not only meet your standards but also captivate your clients with their allure. Discover the key steps and factors to consider when acquiring eyelash extensions to kickstart or elevate your lash business.

Where to buy wholesale eyelash extensions

When buying wholesale eyelash extensions directly from an eyelash manufacturer, you have several options, both online and offline. Here’s where you can source wholesale eyelash extensions:

Online Purchase:

  1. Manufacturer Websites: Many eyelash manufacturers have official websites where you can place bulk orders. These websites often provide various product options, including various styles and materials. You can contact them through their websites and inquire about wholesale options.
  2. E-commerce Platforms: You can find eyelash manufacturers on e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, AliExpress, or even Amazon. These platforms host numerous eyelash manufacturers, allowing you to compare prices and product offerings from different suppliers.
  3. Social Media: Some eyelash manufacturers and distributors maintain a presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You can contact them through these platforms to discuss bulk orders and product details.

Offline Purchase:

  1. Eyelash Manufacturer Showrooms: In some cases, you can visit the showrooms or offices of eyelash manufacturers. This offers the advantage of seeing the products in person and discussing your requirements directly with the manufacturer.
  2. Distributors: Eyelash distributors often work closely with manufacturers and can provide you with wholesale options. You can find these distributors in beauty supply stores or by searching online for distributors in your area.
  3. Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Attending beauty trade shows and exhibitions can be an excellent way to meet eyelash manufacturers in person. These events often feature various suppliers, and you can establish direct contacts for wholesale purchases.
Where to buy wholesale eyelash extensions Whether you choose to buy online or offline, it’s essential to conduct thorough research, communicate with the manufacturer or distributor, and consider the specific needs of your business to make the best choice for sourcing wholesale eyelash extensions.

How to buy wholesale eyelash extensions from an eyelash manufacturer

Purchasing wholesale eyelash extensions directly from an eyelash manufacturer involves several steps:
  1. Research Manufacturers: Start by conducting thorough research to find reputable eyelash manufacturers. Look for companies with a history of producing high-quality eyelash extensions and a positive industry reputation. You can find potential manufacturers through online resources, directories, and industry-specific forums.
  2. Contact and Inquire: Reach out to the manufacturers you’ve identified. Use their official websites or provided contact information to initiate communication. In your initial inquiry, express your interest in purchasing wholesale eyelash extensions and request comprehensive information about their products, including styles, materials, and customization options.
  3. Negotiate Terms: Once you’ve established contact with the eyelash manufacturer, it’s time to discuss your purchase terms. This negotiation typically covers various aspects:
    1. Pricing: Negotiate the pricing structure, taking into account the quantity of eyelash extensions you plan to purchase.
    2. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): Determine the MOQ required by the manufacturer, ensuring it aligns with your business needs.
    3. Customization: If you have specific requirements for customized eyelash extensions, discuss the possibilities and any associated costs.
    4. Payment Terms: Agree on the payment methods, schedule, and any deposits required.
    5. Lead Time: Confirm the production and delivery times to efficiently meet your business’s demands.
  4. Place Your Order: After successful negotiations, proceed to place your wholesale order. Ensure that your order is accurate, reflecting the agreed-upon terms and conditions. Carefully review the order details to prevent errors.
  5. Quality Inspection: Conduct a thorough quality inspection when you receive your order. This step is crucial to verify that the eyelash extensions meet your quality standards and are consistent with any samples provided. Ensure they match the agreed specifications and are free from defects.
  6. Establish Ongoing Relationship: Building a strong working relationship with the eyelash manufacturer is essential for future business. Continue to maintain open communication, address any issues that may arise, and plan for future orders. As you market and sell eyelash extensions, consider how your ongoing relationship with the manufacturer can benefit your business.
Following these detailed steps will help you efficiently navigate the process of buying wholesale eyelash extensions from an eyelash manufacturer and ensure a successful partnership. Now, let’s delve into frequently asked questions (FAQs) about eyelash manufacturers to provide you with even more insights and answers to common queries in the industry.

VI. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about eyelash manufacturers

Here are answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about eyelash manufacturers: How to buy wholesale eyelash extensions Who is the largest manufacturer of eyelashes? Who is the largest manufacturer of eyelashes? One of the prominent eyelash manufacturers worth mentioning is Eyelash Manufacturer 84. Eyelash Manufacturer 84, based in Vietnam, has gained recognition for its consistent product quality and diverse range of eyelash styles. While the largest manufacturer can change over time, Eyelash Manufacturer 84 has made a significant impact in the industry. How do I find my eyelash supplier? When looking for a reliable eyelash supplier, consider exploring options like Eyelash Manufacturer 84, known for its commitment to providing high-quality eyelash extensions. You can contact Eyelash Manufacturer 84 directly to discuss your specific requirements and explore their product offerings. What is the best material for eyelash extensions? The best material for eyelash extensions can vary based on individual preferences and needs. Common materials include mink, synthetic (PBT – Polybutylene Terephthalate), and human hair. Mink offers a natural look, while synthetic lashes are more affordable and maintain their curl. PBT lashes are lightweight and durable. The best material depends on factors like comfort, budget, and desired style. How are lash extensions created? Eyelash extensions are typically created by attaching individual lash strands to natural lashes using adhesive. They can be made from various materials, such as mink, silk, or synthetic, and come in different styles, lengths, and thicknesses to achieve the desired look. Trained professionals should carry out the process to ensure safety and precision. What is the most popular lash company? Eyelash manufacturer Eyelash Manufacturer 84 has gained popularity in nearly 10 years due to its dedication to producing top-notch eyelash extensions. Their commitment to quality and style variety has made them a sought-after choice in the industry. Which company’s eyelashes are the best? The “best” eyelashes can vary depending on individual preferences, such as style, material, and price. Some companies are renowned for certain features. For example, many customers and businesses have found Eyelash Manufacturer 84’s eyelashes to be among the best in the market. Their products often receive positive reviews for their quality and wide selection of styles. Where to start with a lash business? To start a lash business, begin with market research to identify your target audience and unique selling points. Source reliable suppliers, develop a brand identity, create an online presence, and establish sales channels through a website or social media. Don’t forget to comply with any legal requirements for running a business in your area. What does PBT stand for lashes? PBT stands for Polybutylene Terephthalate, a type of synthetic material commonly used to produce eyelash extensions. PBT lashes are lightweight, durable, and have a natural look, making them a popular choice in the lash industry. What are luxury lash extensions? Luxury lash extensions are high-end eyelash extensions crafted from premium materials such as mink, silk, or high-quality synthetic fibers. These extensions offer superior comfort, durability, and a luxurious look. They are often chosen by those seeking a sophisticated and glamorous appearance.

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