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Uncover waterproof eyelash glue and how to use it properly

The use of waterproof eyelash glue has become increasingly popular thanks to its ability to withstand water, making it an ideal choice for many lash artists. In this blog, you will explore its benefits and tips on how to use it effectively.

Explore waterproof eyelash glue products

Like many other lash liquids, water-resistant eyelash glue products serve the function of securing the lash extensions in place for an extended time. Let’s explore their features, benefits, and who should give them a try!

What are waterproof eyelash glue 

To lash artists, waterproof lash glue is among the key products for doing extensions that they cannot miss out on. This adhesive makes a contribution to the look and quality of lash extensions, directly impacting the experience of their clients. To give you a better understanding, here are some key points.

  • Waterproof eyelash glue is a specialized adhesive that provides strong bonds to keep eyelash extensions securely in place, even when contacting with water as well as other moisture. The waterproof eyelash glue is also formulated with cyanoacrylate – this is a fast-drying bonding agent.
  • Many question why these glues cannot withstand water. Make sure that the water-resistant features only come to effect if your clients strictly follow the post-treatment care guide. They need to let the glue completely cure and ensure no exposure to water within 24-48 hours after application.
  • A huge benefit when lash businesses use waterproof lash glue is increasing retention for eyelash extensions, so it is particularly suitable for lash clients who may be exposed to water and sweat or live in humid or wet conditions.
What are waterproof eyelash glue

Before choosing lash glue for your business, it is essential to determine your needs and target customers. The waterproof type can prolong the durability of lash extensions, thus leading to satisfying your clients with a seamless result. 

Who should purchase waterproof eyelash glue 

Waterproof eyelash glue is an essential product for those who require lasting, reliable adhesion that can withstand water and other environmental factors. So who should invest in this type of glue? Discover here.

  • Lash supply retailers: Lash supply retailers should have this glue in their stores. Therefore, they can provide their customers such as lash artists and stylists with a high-quality solution for doing durable results. The retailers will ultimately get more repeat orders and build customer loyalty to the business. 
  • Beauty spas/ salons: Besides retailers, beauty spas and salons should equip their business with waterproof eyelash glue. It guarantees that the eyelash extensions for their clients remain intact and do not fall off soon, and they won’t need frequent touch-ups. If you own beauty spas and salons, you can buy JBAB Glue for Eyelash Extensions EM016. Once you buy JBAB Glue for Eyelash Extensions EM016 product, you might know it is designed to secure the lash extensions and thus smooth your work. 
  • Lash technicians: Lash technicians should have this glue to attract more clients who enjoy swimming or live in high-humidity areas. The waterproof lash glue will enable them to give a more secure hold and also offer more professional services to clients.
  • Makeup artists: The waterproof lash glue is a wise choice for makeup artists too. This product performs a crucial role in ensuring beautiful looks for weddings or photoshoots. Makeup artists use the glue type to avoid embarrassing mishaps such as the lashes turning loose or falling off.
Who should purchase waterproof eyelash glue

By using waterproof lash glue, you make your clients enjoy lasting, flawless extensions that withstand many external factors. It boosts their satisfaction and contributes to establishing a good reputation for your business. So it is greatly important to buy top-grade waterproof eyelash glue for your business. And that requires you to consider carefully and choose reputable lash extension supplies manufacturers. The trusted lash extension supplies manufacturers are able to provide you with product variety and quality at a competitive price, and importantly, committed to satisfying your business needs. It would be ideal if you can become their strategic partner since they can offer you more financial benefits such as discounts on your next purchases.

What you should know about using waterproof eyelash glue

When it comes to buying waterproof lash glue for lash extensions, there are three main things that you should keep in mind. They include knowing multiple types of glue, learning factors before selecting glue, and following proper steps to use glue properly. Now dive for more details!

Diverse types of waterproof eyelash glue 

It’s critical to have a comprehensive understanding of waterproof eyelash glue products, especially for lash artists. You should learn about different types in the market as it will aid in selecting the appropriate adhesive for specific cases. Here’s your must-know information about glue types.

  • Ingredients: The glue is formulated with cyanoacrylate. Make certain that you opt for a high-quality glue such as latex-free, or formaldehyde-free, so that you minimize the risks of causing irritation to your clients.
  • Drying time: The waterproof eyelash glue products come available in fast drying time (0.5-1s, 1-2s) and standard drying time (2-3s, 3-4s). If you work with strip lashes, you can purchase quality glue for strip lashes with the standard drying time. The quality glue for strip lashes ensures excellent retention for the lashes and no harm to clients.
  • Color: You can choose two common colors of glue products, including black and invisible (clear). The invisible eyelash glue is mainly used for colored eyelash extensions.
  • Viscosity: The glue texture of glue products can be thin like water or medium. Choose a favorite one to fulfill your needs!
  • Fume: There are three options for fume including no fume, low fume, and high fume. 
  • Scent: The eyelash glue can be scent-free or have a specific scent such as apple, pineapple, melon, etc. Consider carefully for your purchase!
Diverse types of waterproof eyelash glue

With diverse glue products, you won’t have to worry about lacking supplies to create a seamless look for your clients. More importantly, you need to invest time in researching trusted glue suppliers before buying wholesale. Eyelash glue manufacturer from Korea is the best known for premium eyelash glue. Getting proper tips to find and evaluate will definitely help you successfully select a reputable eyelash glue manufacturer from Korea. These manufacturers decide the quality of your glue products, which ultimately influences safety and retention. These factors play a role in impacting how your clients feel about your performance and services. The better retention, the greater satisfaction.

Factors to consider when selecting glue 

Understanding the various types of waterproof eyelash glue is not enough. You should also take into account factors such as environmental conditions, lash skills, and your client’s sensitivity. The consideration is essential in making sure that the glue used is totally safe, effective, and suitable for your needs and clients. 

  • Area humidity: The humidity directly impacts the performance of glue, particularly its drying speed and retention time. In case of high humidity, choose standard drying glue (2-3s or 3-4s type), and if your lash room has low humidity (lower than 45-60%), let’s opt for fast drying glue (0.5-1s or 1-2s).
  • Area temperature: The temperature has an influence on the viscosity of the eyelash glue. You had better equip a hygrometer to prevent a too-hot or too-cold environment for your studio.
  • Client sensitivity: It is important to ask about the preferences and sensitivity of your clients to choose the right glue. Your clients might need odor-free glue or one for sensitive eyes or skin.
  • Your lashing skills: Selecting glue based on your skill levels is necessary too. Identify your level: new, experienced, or professional. If you are a lash extension beginner, we recommend choosing the glue with a drying time of 3-4s.
Factors to consider when selecting glue

Making an informed decision on the right waterproof eyelash glue matters. It leads to your efficient eyelash extensions, helps you avoid any potential hazards or adverse reactions, and brings great experience and pleasure to your lash clients. 

Essential steps to maximize the function of waterproof eyelash glue 

It is of utmost importance to follow the proper steps when using waterproof eyelash glue. Once you adhere to the guidelines, you can ensure that the eyelash application will be safe, effective, and long-lasting. Check out the steps below to take full advantage of the eyelash glue!

  • First, it is a must that you use lash cleansers to prepare the natural lashes of your clients. They are specially formulated to help you effectively remove any oils and makeup residues on the natural lashes. This enables the eyelash adhesive glue to stick properly. Then don’t forget to utilize eyelash primers to put moisture back on natural lashes, creating a perfect base for applying lash extensions.
  • Now, let’s consider the specifications and choose essential eyelash extensions and lash supplies for application. 
  • Once you already select a suitable waterproof eyelash glue, shake it and then drip a small portion of glue on a jade stone or the glue ring. Remember to place a fresh dot on it every 20-35 minutes.
  • Do lash extensions carefully by picking up every lash extension with a suitable tweezer. You need to dip the base on the glue, ensure a sufficient amount of glue and gently place it to the natural lashes. It is advisable to begin from the inner eye corners and then work outwards.
  • After eyelash application, allow some time for the waterproof eyelash glue to dry completely.
Essential steps to maximize the function of waterproof eyelash glue

Carefully conducting these application steps allows you to achieve the desired look for your clients while also guaranteeing no harm to their eyes and natural lashes. You will avoid a lot of issues such as irritation and discomfort, which makes your clients feel satisfied and trust your brand.



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